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Special Children Are Special For a Reason.

Life throws all kinds of obstacles in our way, and all we can do is fight to overcome them. But, for children with disabilities and special needs, the fight is even harder. Unfortunately, they are also one of the most neglected in our society, with a handful of special needs foundations. Yet, it is their tenacity, fight, and determination that make them the strongest, bravest, and most courageous humans on the planet. All they require from us is little assistance.

If we are not going to be their support, their strength, then who else? Ayden’s Annual is a non-profit special needs trust foundation born out of a similar story. The organization is named in honor of Ayden Berrios, a 6-year-old boy taken too soon from us. Though non-verbal, Ayden was a ball of energy who could light up the entire room with his infectious laugh. Keeping his spirit with us, we hope to help children with special needs live a life full of love, care, support, and fun through organized sports programs for special needs children. Do you have a loved one with special needs? Know this; We Care! You are not alone in this fight. Ayden’s Annual is here to help children with special needs.


We Organize Sports Programs for Special Needs Children!

Physical sports are an important aspect of growth and learning. It helps children build social skills and motor abilities and allows them to foster an environment where collaborative learning, team building, and fitness reign supreme. It is common for children to start early in unified sports. However, at Ayden’s Annual, we believe sports is everyone’s right, and we work our blood, sweat, and tears to ensure your child with special needs gets fun, proactive, special needs sports programs.

If you are a parent who has a kid with special needs or a brother who has a sister with disabilities, we want you to know one thing. Ayden’s Annual is here for the families of children with special needs. Our challenger sports programs include baseball, soccer, basketball, and other sports to not only provide them with a fun experience but also contribute towards their physical development. Our collaborative events are designed on the principles of love, assistance, and fun. Our team members and volunteers put their heart and soul into planning, organizing, and executing the events, making sure every child is being catered to appropriately.

Let’s Empower Children with Special Needs through Love, Compassion, & Care.

Do you have a loved one with special needs? Or are you someone who’s looking to help us organize special needs baseball events? We welcome all. Ayden’s Annual is a non-profit organization that is here to uplift children with special needs and disabilities. We believe sports play an integral role in the physical, mental, and emotional development of children and adults alike. At Ayden’s Annual, we organize sports for special needs students to help them develop in a safe, fun, and competitive environment.

Every child is unique in their own way and has a passion for different sports. Therefore, we organize different sports events at Ayden’s Annual to cater to our children’s unique passions. So far, we have organized challenger baseball for special needs, basketball, soccer, and the list goes on. We would like to take this moment and appreciate the people that are putting their hearts and souls into our foundation. All of this isn’t possible without our dedicated team, volunteers, and, most importantly, your donations. If you want to volunteer or have a question, feel free to reach out to us. We are here to answer all of your queries. Let’s work together and empower our children!

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