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Ayden’s Annual’s men v-neck t-shirt contributes towards a good cause. It is for our foundation which caters to special needs children. The shirt is available in two colors; blue and black with a beautifully intricate bird drawn on it along with the name of our foundation ‘Ayden’s Annual’

Our men v-neck tee shirts are made from 100% extra fine and long cotton that is our secret ingredient for soft and breathable fabric. These shirts are crafted with love and care because they are for making our flower like children happy.

This best men v-neck t-shirt comes in a tailored fit and is clean of unnecessary design other than our logo. Thanks to the classic V-shape neckline and midweight fabric; it can be worn on a summer’s day or as an undershirt. However, you wear it; it is going to look perfect on you.

The cotton used in these shirts have extra-long fibers and that is why they are extra strong than conventional shirts.  The strong fibers of the shirt resist breaking, pulling and tearing, making these shirts into one of the most resilient ones.

V-Neck T- Shirt

SKU: 364215375135191

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